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Expedia Relocating From Bellevue to Amgen's Former Campus

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Ever since Amgen announced it would close down operations at its 750,000 square-foot Interbay campus last July, people have been wondering what company might take over, and might be big enough to take over. Online travel company Expedia is answering that question and making the move from Bellevue and shaking up the Puget Sound office space race. The formal announcement is expected this morning.

Expedia employs roughty 3,000 people in the region and had been looking for room to grow in or outside of their current Bellevue home. Their move means just over six percent of downtown Bellevue's total office space will now be vacated. Right now, Expedia the second-biggest office space user in Bellevue behind Microsoft and their move is sure to concern local developers currently in a race to put up office towers.

Expedia's Tower 333 leases are set to expire in October 2018 so any move won't be sudden, but, expect it to have an impact on both Seattle and Bellevue moving forward. If nothing else, expect the name of the road the campus is located on (Amgen Court) to change.
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