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Bring Your Llamas: $5.6M San Juan Valley Ranch For Sale

Go big or give it up. The San Juan Valley Ranch is for sale. We joked last week about putting a pony on a boat on your own lake. Here you could put a herd on a barge and have enough room left over for a floatplane to land. A 45 minute commute to downtown Seattle is a lot quicker than taking the ferry, and some days is quicker than the drive within King County. For $5,632,000 (and appreciate the exactitude of that price) you can buy a property where the lake is 50 acres, and sits inside a 512 acre parcel. You'd own about 1% of the island. Inside those boundaries are two farms, more buildings than most homes have rooms, and land that's been tended since 1900. Oh yeah, and there are 4 bedrooms and 2.75 baths in 2,582 square feet of living space, but that's secondary. This isn't faux rural. This is real. Just ask the llamas.

· 862 Valley Farms Rd, San Juan Island [Windermere]
· Put Your Pony on Your Boat on Your Backyard Lake [CS]
Written by Tom Trimbath

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