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Make Room For More Parklets & Streateries Around Seattle

Jason Rantz aside, Seattle's parklets have been a hit with locals. So much so that the city is expanding the number of mini-parks yet again, this time adding another category of tiny hangouts called "streateries," which are exactly what you think they are.

The addition of these parklets and streateries will add to our city's vibrant and active street scene," said Mayor Ed Murray. "We look forward to seeing more of these community gathering spots that support neighborhood businesses throughout the city."

As for the new parklets, they'll be coming to...

· Community Arts Create, 4248 S Orcas St, Hillman City
· Mighty-O Donuts, 1550 NW Market St, Ballard
· Sugar Plum, 324 15th Ave, Squire Park

Meanwhile the new streateries will be a mixture of six new spots and three converted parklet locations:

· Elysian Bar (Chromer Parklet conversion), 1516 2nd Ave
· Montana Bar (parklet conversion), 1506 E Olive Way
· Comet Tavern and Lost Lake Lounge (parklet conversion), 10th Ave and Pike St
· Stoneburner, 5214 Ballard Ave NW
· Mamnoon, 1508 Melrose Ave
· Flowers Bar & Restaurant, 4247 University Way NE
· Bottleneck Lounge, 2328 E Madison St
· Guild 19th LLC , 600 19th Ave E
· TnT Taqueria, 2114 N 45th St

Once every project has been completed, there will be 14 parklets and nine streateries in Seattle. We'll update our ever-growing parklets map shortly with the new additions.
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