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What $1,100/Month Can Rent You in Seattle Right Now

Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we scour Seattle's rental listings to see what your monthly budget will get you across the city. Today we find out what $1,100/month can get you. You tell us which lease you'd sign.

We begin in U District where a 1-BR in Malloy Apartments is available. No word on the square footage so you can assume it's fairly small. We wouldn't be surprised to find out it's more of a studio. Lots of old building charm here, though.

Next we head a bit north to Olympic Hills, where you can find a 510 sf 1-BR in King Arthur's Court (sound the horns!). It's no Camelot but it's a decent unit and option for commuters.

Next up, Maple Leaf, where you can get a 790 sf 1-BR. Finally, a place with some space. The complex has a secure entry, elevator and laundry facility on each floor while the unit has a balcony and actually provides some storage possibilities.

Now we head back to U District where we find an 885 sf 1-BR in a four-unit apartment complex. The ground floor unit looks pretty roomy and well-maintained. We're a little surprised to see it at this price point, to be honest.

Finally we end up in Victory Heights where you can get a 750 sf 1-BR in Willows Court. The back patio view isn't anything great but the unit looks nice as do the grounds below.

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