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Lake Stevens Home & Hangar Perfect For You & Your Plane

You've got an airplane? A pilot's home is for sale on Frontier Airpark in Lake Stevens. You're probably more interested in the statistics of the runway and hangar. Sure, for $624,950 you'll get a 4 bedroom, 3.25 bath, 3,082 square foot house on 5.92 acres. Except for the acreage, you can get something like that property throughout the area; but how many houses let you keep your plane as close as your garage? The airpark may not have a control tower, or much in the way of infrastructure, but it does have a 3,800 x 50 foot slab of asphalt (aka WN53) for a runway. You may have to call for stats on the hangar. Are you flying for fun? Great! See some sunshine and go play. Are you flying for a commute? You'll be able to go farther than almost every other commuter. Maybe it's a base of operations for some flying business like aerial photography. Check with the authorities, or at least the homeowners association that deals with issues most others can't imagine. Of course, maybe buying in is just what you need, even without a plane. Your car should fit just fine, because it takes a lot longer to fill a hangar than it takes to clutter a garage. The airpark probably isn't very busy; you'll have a lot of open territory on one side of the house, and a bit of waterfront on the back side. Besides, pilots are meticulous. Imagine how well kept the house could be.

· 12904 128th Ave NE, Lake Stevens [Redfin]
· Frontier Airpark Owners Association [FAOA]
· Frontier Airpark WN53 [FAP]
Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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