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Please Stand & Salute The Most American House in America

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How much more America can this 3-BR Everett home on the market for $189K get? None. None more America. This 1,728 square foot (you couldn't stretch it to 1,776?) tribute to liberty and justice for all was sold after foreclosure for $158K just a few weeks ago but it looks like the new owners can't handle all that red, all that white and all that blue. Few Americans can these days (Thanks, Obama). If you're like us, you're wondering what kind of patriot did this paint job and thanks to Looney Listings, we learned it's Sam Bloomfield, a man who takes his love of this country to levels you've only dreamed possible...

To share his love of country, he first painted his house red and white, and later added a blue shingle roof. Streamers and little flags are everywhere. When a flag fades, he replaces it. When neighborhood kids yank off his patriotic holiday lights, he restrings them.

Bloomfield searched to find a tattoo artist who would help him fulfill his dream of a tribute to the American flag he could see each morning in the mirror.

And here you were, thinking that tiny American flag on the corner of your front lawn was good enough. For shame, sir or madam. For shame.
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