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Here's a Delridge Home For You, the Koi and the Chickens

An uncommon property has come on the market in West Seattle that has 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, and 1,560 square feet for $380,000; but it comes with a combination of elements that may be unique. How about a house with hot water for you (in the hot tub), temperate water for the fish (in the koi pond), a studio space for an artist, and room for the chickens to scratch and roost? The house was built in 1942, and a lot has been done to the 0.41 acre lot since then. Much of the inside retains some of the wood details, but the kitchen has been upgraded, and the bathroom may be the most modern part of the house, at least style-wise. But, it is what is outside that makes it different. The koi pond is well-designed to keep out raccoons and heron that may consider it fish in a barrel. The chicken coop is either invisible or part of the nicely built building off the back deck. A detached artist studio can be appreciated for any artist that doesn't want to have to listen to the house noises and disruptions. There isn't much lawn, but there is room to garden - an uncommon combination. The extensive fencing may be there to keep the chickens in or keep the solicitors out; either way a good idea.

· 6520 Delridge Way SW [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath