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Bring Home the Bacon Where They Used to Sell Bacon

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Do you want a unique house? Try living in a place that started out as something else, like a 1922 grocery - you know, a grocery, not a supermarket, from back in the days when there weren't even aisles to wander. In the Central District is a grocery turned house with 1 bedroom and 1.5 baths for $489,000. The floor space is only 1,200 square feet on a barely larger lot of 1,751 square feet. That's about a thirtieth of the space a modern supermarket uses. But, now it's a house. The remodeling is urban, modern, functional, and stylish. The old concrete and patined walls remain, reminders to history. The kitchen is sleek, and probably more useful than some exotic examples installed in mansions. The steel spiral staircase is new, and a nice break from the linear nature of the rest, which was necessarily square-ish. The half bath has more room than the full bath, and a lot more opportunity to redefine the space - simply. Decks, including a hot tub, take advantage of the central location providing views of the city and the mountains from a place that's watched the city grow if not grow up.

· 112 18th Ave [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath