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Even Out in Duvall, You Can Be Modern & Built Green

Modern living can happen in rural Duvall. Buy into a new Built-Green house, with all of the efficiencies that suggests; and buy 1.3 acres out past the developments. There's a house like that which certainly doesn't look like an old farm house, or conventional suburban rambler. It's a 3 bedroom, 4 bath architectural exercise in big windows and few walls that has an asking price of $849,950. Modern isn't cheap. Duvall, however, is trendy; at least as far as real estate goes because was one of the busiest markets in the area. Modern is more than just insulation and appliances. The designers added sliding, rather than swinging, doors; and the fireplace is embedded in the wall, which is easier when it isn't wood-fired. If you want to burn bits of a tree, go outside and use the firepit for a bit of primal entertainment, or yard waste disposal. Nature is near, with the trees not far from the back of the house and the pit. Maybe making sure there isn't a burn ban would be a good idea. The rest of the acreage is a blank landscaping canvas. Xeriscaping may mean a lack of lawn in some regions, but Duvall gets rain more days than not (184 days of rain per year), for a typical total of 48.5 inches. Even if you don't plant something, something is going to grow. So, either you put in a garden, or the forest decides to repopulate the front yard.

· 15114 294th Ave NE, Duvall [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath