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Hello, Comrade: Cubix Planned Across Street From Lenin Statue

Fremont fancies itself the Center of the Universe. Given it's location, the upcoming mixed-user Cubix might end up as the Center of the Center of the Universe. Planned for 3519 Fremont Place N, the residential/retail complex will be across from the Lenin Statue on one side, the Fremont Rocket on the other side and just around the corner from the Center of the Universe guidepost. Plus, it's prime viewing location for the Solstice Parade, at least for half of the 45 planned units. The six-story building will also include 2,750 sf of retail space on the ground floor. If it can somehow not become a coffee shop or Thai restaurant, it'll be a minor miracle. Jackson Main Architecture and developer Daniel Stoner take their designs before the design review board on May 4 for early guidance. The 1916 building on the site now, which was built as a factory and is now apartments, will be torn down.

· 3519 Fremont Pl N [DPD]