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Huge Freeland Estate Certainly Not Free, Will Cost You $10M

It only has 2 bedrooms, how expensive can it be? Try, $10,000,000. Is it the 3.75 bathrooms that make the difference? The 4,349 square feet are substantial, and yet, it's probably something else that commands that many zeroes. Ah, it is probably a view that few can find unless they're on a boat or in a plane. How many properties have views that extend from Edmonds to Rainier, Seattle, Kitsap, Olympics, Port Townsend, and even the southern tip of the San Juans? There are really two buildings on the property. One is 3,375 square feet with the 2 bedrooms and 3.75 baths. The other is a 975 square foot studio that has enough amenities for a guest house or act as a conference center for groups up to about 20 people. Confer in the small house and have a post-conference party in the large house. Altogether, you're looking at about 25 acres of nature far from city lights or traffic noise, except for the hint of the skyline on the horizon and the sound of ships passing through one of the tightest commercial shipping passages in the Sound.

· Sea Watch [SW]
· 6675 Wahl Rd, Freeland [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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