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Amazon's Life in Seattle Promo Video Gets a 'Real' Makeover

Back in 2013, Amazon made a recruitment video aimed at helping job candidates "learn a little about life in Seattle." It's what you might expect, Amazon employees talking about the things they love about Seattle over shots of the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and the Seattle Great Wheel. You know, all the places Seattleites love to hang out. And while a lot of the things they talk about in the video are real, you can't help but notice that they're talking about a Seattle that's only actually accessible to a shrinking percentage of people who live here. It's about the time that one Amazon employee boasts "Everyone runs, everyone does CrossFit," that you realize just how ripe for parody this whole thing is.

It only took two years but someone finally saw fit to make fun of Amazon's "Life in Seattle" video by creating "Real Life in Seattle." The faces and places are the same, but the voiceovers and discussions are a bit more...brutally honest, shall we say?

"I've been here now for six years and I can't imagine what this place must've been like before all the new money, colorful condos and ferris wheels. It sounds horrific."
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