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First-Look at Potential Tetris Towers Plan in Denny Triangle

Option 1 - The Cubist
Option 1 - The Cubist

Clise Properties and Graphite Design Group are presenting plans for their 40-story towers project at 2301 7th Avenue to the design review board tonight. When they do, they'll be offering three different options. Depending on which one wins out, we might be looking at a pretty unique skyscraper addition to the Seattle skyline. The first option, called The Cubist, is the most striking. Each tower would consist of three nearly identical cubed forms stacked vertically on a podium of approximately 125 ft. Each segment would be broken into four interwoven facades separated by a vertical reveal. The Angle option is bit more subdued, setting the identical towers at 45 degrees to 7th Avenue. Unlike the Cubist, the tower and podium would weave together creating resultant geometries. Finally, The Grid integrates elements of the other two options with angles and vertical breaks while the podium takes on the angled vernacular and steps three times to provide a scale transition from the park to the larger podium and secondary buildings. No matter which option they move forward on, the plan is to include 686 residential units, 21,000 sq. ft. of retail space, 185,000 sq. ft. office space and parking for 860 vehicles.

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