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Carl Gould Mansion in Bainbridge's 'Country Club' Asks $2.75M

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It's pretty rare to see one of the eighteen homes in Bainbridge Island's 'Country Club' gated community go on the open market. Originally created in 1890, this 230-acre community has been dubbed the "Hamptons of the West" and includes homes often passed down through generations. The 7,572 sf nine-bedroom mansion at 12279 NE Country Club Road, however, is a rare exception. Built in 1915 and designed by noted architect Carl Gould, the home is hitting the market after four generations in the ownership of one family. The asking price is $2.75M and we mean you better actually show up with $2.75M. The cooperative community doesn't allow mortgages for member houses (which should give you an indication of the kind of folks who can afford to live here). As for the home itself, there are six bathrooms and eight wood-burning fireplaces to go with all of those bedrooms. The house also has access to nearly a mile of waterfront, a community pool and a beach-side 9-hole golf course. You and your $2.75M aren't just buying a home, you are literally buying in to a lifestyle.

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