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Stop Staring At Us, MLK & Union Rendering Guy!

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We're not afraid to admit it. We're a little freaked out right now. All we wanted to do was check out the renderings for the four-story structure planned at 1141 M L King Jr Way that's going before the design review board tonight. We only wanted to get a look at the building that will eventually be home to 41 apartment units, 6,091 sq. ft. of commercial space and parking for 27 vehicles. What we didn't want was to be made increasingly uncomfortable every time we looked at a new rendering and found that same creepy dude staring directly at us. There's even one time where we see three of him, like he's a demon just toying with us. Do we owe him money? Does he think we said something about him? You guys can see him too, right? It's not just us? Cause if not, we think might be in a horror movie...The Rendering.

· 1141 M L King Jr Way [Seattle]