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$3M Madison Park Penthouse Once Owned by The Nordstroms

The Nordstrom family go way back in Seattle. John W. Nordstrom immigrated here in 1887 and the family would become synonymous with fashion and wealth in the Pacific Northwest and beyond. The family formerly owned a substantial penthouse at Madison Park Place overlooking Lake Washington. The one-time Seattle Seahawks owners has since moved on but that condo is back on the market and waiting for someone to pony up $2.95M to buy it. Only two bedrooms but that means the 2,495 sf can be applied to making all of the main rooms that much bigger. The living room looks especially warm with it's rich wood finishes and fireplace. The sitting area boasts floor-to-ceiling windows that lead to a huge deck and all the views you're paying for. You don't have to be a Nordstrom to live here, but it doesn't hurt to have their money to pay for it.

· 2000 43rd Ave E 501 [Windermere]
· Nordstroms History [N]