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Making The Impossible City: A Youth-Built Homeless Village

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For all of the growth and expansion and luxury condo buildings in Seattle, homelessness is an issue that's not going away. According to a recent headcount, there are roughly 3,772 people currently living without shelter in King County. While some might want to bury their heads in the sand or send those less fortunate off to far-away lands, nonprofit Sawhorse Revolution sees an opportunity to do something for the people who are here but aren't able to put a roof over their heads. They're going to make a roof for them, along with some walls, a door and everything else that goes in to the tiny homes they're building.

Namely, they want to create The Impossible City, a moveable eco-village that's full of collapsible and easily transportable, eco-friendly tiny homes built by teens looking for a hands-on program that allows them to learn while also doing something good for the community.

One of the home models, called The Green House, uses salvaged aluminum panel roofing, siding made of repurposed street signs, strategically-placed re-used windows and industrial pallet flooring. The materials are all there, it's just a matter of assembly.

Olson Kundig Architects is also involved, mentoring students in the creation of The Nest, larger living space that features a loft bed, window seat and diamond-grafted ramp to help keep things clean before entry.

Since Nickelsville is a homeless community on the move, their shelters need to be easily movable as well. Also, the village isn't just going to be a collection of homes. Plans also include the construction of a solar hub, community cookspace and composting latrines.

Right now, Sawhorse Revolution is trying to raise money to make this happen. They're almost at their goal of $32,205 but not there just yet. We're guessing they'll get there. With skyrocketing rents and new construction pricing out those in need more than ever in Seattle, the Impossible Village needs to be made possible.
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