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Net-Zero Montlake Modern House Keeps It In the Family

Photo Credit: <em>[<a href="http://katieblanch.com">Katie Blanch Photography</a>]</em>
Photo Credit: [Katie Blanch Photography]

Relja and Yoojin knew what they wanted, they just weren't finding it. So, they enlisted Reija's father to design a home and teamed up with TC Legend Homes to make it happen. The result? A near-3,700 sf Net-Zero modern house in Montlake built on the site of a former backyard. The eco-friendly structure boasts solar panels, structurally-insulated panels/ICF construction, triple pane windows, radiant heat flooring, an electric car charger and smart home technology. Even the master shower has a feature that prevents the water from turning on until the desired temperature is reached. You might think this cost them an arm and a leg but in fact the whole built came in less than $700K. Now, six adults and two kids call this place home (with the help of a guest suite to spread everyone out). It's a home built specifically for their modern family.

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