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Shoreline Estate With Olmstead Gardens Asking $5.68M

With the rental market what it is in Seattle, we're often looking at places to rent for $1,700/month. Well this Shoreline 5-BR is a bit like that, except that $1,700/month is the HOA dues that you're on the hook for after paying $5.68M. Built in 1931, this 8,010 sf Colonial Revival sits on 3.24 acres of beautiful grounds that include restored Olmsted gardens. This is a serious manor house. You don't just get a kitchen, you get a granite kitchen with butler's pantry and breakfast room. There's a sunroom, of course, as well as two porches and two garages big enough for all eight of your cars. Those grounds also come with multiple water features and a woodland garden with waterfalls. Last sold for $1.9M back in 1994, they're looking for just a little bit more than that for all of this now.

· 35 NW Cherry Lp, Shoreline [Windermere]