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Graham & Myers' Prosser House in Capitol Hill Asks $2.9M

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Architecture firm Graham & Myers was started in 1906 by John Graham and David Myers. Their partnership would last only five years but in that time they designed memorable homes and buildings that helped set the tone for the Seattle to come. One of those homes was the 6-BR Tudor Revival located at 1000 E Garfield Street in North Capitol Hill. Originally built for Seattle City Treasurer William Prosser, the home has morphed and changed over the years in tandem with Seattle's growth. During World War II, the home was split into four apartments to help with housing shortages. It was renovated again in 1957 and reverted into two apartments. It has since been reverted back into one large home while also retaining many of the unique features that made it significant. Inside, you'll still find stained glass, original hardwood floors, pocket doors, original light fixtures and original fireplaces. Asking $2.9M, the 10,160 sf. home offers four levels of living space and an opportunity to turn this historic Seattle residence into something new altogether. Don't worry, it's used to it.

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