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Here's What Seattle Looks Like in Lego Form. Kinda.

We got a glimpse into what Seattle might look like in Lego-form recently but Einar Öberg has taken things up a notch, creating a new Google Maps feature called Brick Street View that allows you to see what the world would look like if it were made entirely of Legos. As required by law, we decided to take a look around Seattle and see what's what. The Lego effect is achieved by turning everything into a kind-of pixelated look and that makes some of the scenes a little disorientating. The Space Needle appears to have lost it's top in some Lego piece toppling accident while Pike Place Market looks...different. We've added a few more looks below, including Kerry Park, CenturyLink Field and Pioneer Square. Go check out the tool for yourself and let us know if you see anything else interesting or funny.

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CenturyLink Field

800 Occidental Avenue South, , WA 98134 Visit Website

Space Needle

400 Broad Street, , WA 98109