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Behold, The $2M Bremerton Tower of Terraces

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Here's our theory. Someone built a ground-level terrace in Bremerton in 2005. Then, for reasons unknown, they abandoned it. In the years after, that terrace grew another terrace on top of it through some kind of architectural osmosis. Then, that terrace grew another terrace. And then another. The original builders stumbled upon their inadvertent "terrace tower" and decided to make something out of it. So, they put two bedrooms and 4.75 bathrooms in it and put it on sale for $1.95M. Do you like outdoor living? Well, you don't have a choice here. Everywhere you go, it's terraces, patios and rooms with direct access to both. Smartly, they've tucked this house behind a gated entry on a four-acre waterfront property. We're still a little confused about why it's so many bathrooms, but, you don't argue with nature, especially when it calls.

· 5140 Illahee Rd NE, Bremerton [Windermere]