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Flash Back in This Camano Time Capsule Available For $928K

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They have to sell this house with all of the furnishings intact. It's such a perfect period piece that tampering it would turn it back into just another remote waterfront retreat. It may sound like a strange request, but this 1980 time capsule was sold and bought that way before. Thirty five years of deep upholstered furniture, blending in with shag carpeting, dizzying wallpaper, and fixtures that heard of CFLs or LEDs.They're asking $928,000 for a 2 bedroom, 3.5 bath house, which sounds small, but it is 3,221 square feet inside on a quarter acre lot that is so close to the water that waves at high tide must spray the deck. A few improvements have been necessary, but why putz with perfection? Does the console TV still work? It looks like turning it on would bring up an image of Reagan warning us about the Soviets. Each room is a museum exhibit, but the kitchen must be the toughest to maintain in proper style. Appliances wear out, but replacing these with modern stainless steel would ruin the aesthetic of wood facade and earth tones all around.

· 3239 Mabana Road, Camano Island [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath

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