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Creepy or Cool? Replica Victorian-Era Home Up For $425K

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At first glance, no one would blame you for thinking the 3-BR home at 239 NW Tracy Avenue in Bremerton was built in 1904, perhaps by noted Victorian-style architect George Barber. In reality, it was built in 2004 as a replica of a George Barber home. Taking five years to complete, this 2,362 square-foot home has spared no detail. They've tried to think of everything that would be included in a home of the era: push button lights, wall paper on the ceilings, faux tin ceiling tiles, furniture that fits the time period. Because things were also inherently super-creepy at this time, there's also some super-creepy details here, such as the random baby strollers atop the stairs and (possibly-haunted) dolls strewn throughout. The current owners aren't above current luxuries, of course, so don't mind the television set, flamingo decor and workout bench in the basement. We won't begrudge you if you lose the modernity when you move in (at $425K, not a bad deal). Just be aware the ghosts that almost certainly haunt this place might miss them.

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