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Modern Townhouse in Capitol Hill Asks $799,950

Is it possible to see the front and back of the 18th Ave City Homes building in Capitol Hill and not immediately wonder what's going on inside? The 2013 modern construction by Malboeuf Bowie Architecture consists of three units, one of which is currently on the market asking $799K. The 1,578 square-foot 3-BR includes floor-to-ceiling wood windows, a floating staircase and the requisite rooftop deck up top. Inside, luxury fixtures & appliances, bamboo & concrete floors with in-floor heat, steel railings & exposed i-beams. Unit C was initially listed at $695,000 in 2013 but delisted soon after, so either they've done even more work on it since or they're just taking a look around the current market and adjusting accordingly. We'll find out if they're on to something soon, we think.

· 1104 18th Ave [Windermere]
· 18th Ave City Homes [Malbouef Bowie]