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Ferry Watchers, Look Upon This Vashon Island Retreat

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Look at that view. LOOK AT IT. We almost don't want to show you anything else or tell you anything else because it's perfect as it is. Not to say the 1,700 square-foot Vashon Island 3-BR that comes with this view isn't nice. It's super nice, actually. Beautiful wood on the floors and ceiling, modern & roomy kitchen, comfy back porch that's right on the water (and we mean right on the water...keep an eye on the kids). The master bedroom sliding door opens to something pretty special as well. Recently-redesigned to include painted maple cabinets, quartz stone counters and marble baths, this $799K home is a perfect retreat for those who like slowing down, sitting back and watching the world, as well as ferries, go by.

· 10835 Point Vashon Dr SW, Vashon [Windermere]