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Come On Get Happy in Danny Bonaduce's Queen Anne Home

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Looking around the workout/spare room in this Queen Anne 3-BR on the market for $725K, you'd have to assume the owner is a huge Danny Bonaduce fan. There's a Partridge Family board game, Danny Bonaduce posters, Danny Bonaduce records, Danny Bonaduce signs and even a photo of Danny Bonaduce. And that's when it dawns on you...this is Danny Bonaduce's house! You know, the child actor, comedian and co-host of The Danny Bonaduce & Sarah Morning Show on KZOK. While Bonaduce has crafted an edgier persona later in life, the 2,410 square-foot home seems like a fine combination of rustic living and energy efficiency. It's a Martha Rose build, so no surprise then to find solar power, a fresh air heat recovery ventilator system and an electric car hookup. The twin garages and elevated walkway to the 2012 residence is the show-stopper but there's also plenty to see inside (not to mention the view from there).

· 3650 13th Ave W [SDH]
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· Martha Rose [MRC]