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You'll Rue The Day You Pass Up Ruhe Estates in Snohomish

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Congratulations on picking such a nice round number, $4,000,000. Gotta like the honesty of simplicity. That's about the last thing that's simple about Ruhe Estates. For one thing, it has a name. Maybe every house with 5 bedrooms, 7.5 baths, and 7,020 square feet should be named. For that matter, go ahead and name a cottage. It doesn't cost much to do. The rest of Ruhe Estates can't be matched so cheaply. Building a house in 2011 from old growth timber would probably reach past most budgets with that one move. The entry has massive beams for the covered drive, murals on the walls, and inlaid marble floors - and a view into an expanse of house that obviously can't be easily matched.

The property is so large that it is easy to lose track of things, like whether it is an 8 acre lot, 12.6 cares, or 7.83, which would match the stated 341,101 square feet. Maybe the confusion is from figuring out a property line along the Pilchuck River which runs along the property. It is listed as equestrian and is fenced, and as garden thanks to the hardscape and the greenhouse. Of course, you could just enjoy the extra room and consider the greenhouse a hot house for humans hunting for a bit of warmth.
· 110 147th Ave SE, Snohomish [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath

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