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$475K Houseboat Just Around Corner From Gas Works Park

You've worked hard enough to take some time to watch the fireworks from Gas Works. But watching from the park is too much of a hassle with finding room around the droppings, negotiating for a place to spread your blanket, having the deal with porta-potties, and then dragging yourself through traffic. Or. You could buy a houseboat on the lake, just east of the park. There's a 1988, 2 story with 2 bedrooms and 1 full bath with an asking price of $475,000. That's only a bit above Seattle's median price, and you get front row seats to the skyline and the show. Through the rest of the year you get a rather Scandinavian modern house with the tasteful simplicity that implies. Some nautical design stepped in with built-ins, under seat storage, and a concession to space that puts the laundry in a bedroom. Living in 900 square feet means using space efficiently. After you settle in, and possibly downsize and declutter, you'll probably just spend a lot of time looking out the window, watching the boats and the city - and every few months having one of the best seats for the fireworks.

· 2143 N Northlake Wy [Windermere]
· Gas Works Park [SPR]
Written by Tom Trimbath