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Double Courtyards Planned at New Capitol Hill Apartments

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b9 architects and developer Robert Hardy bring their designs for an apartment building at the curving corner of E Aloha Street at 11th Avenue E back before the design review board tonight for recommendation. The four-story structure is set to include 34 residential units, 36 bike parking spots and two courtyards, one of which will be raised. Looks like most of the residences will be between 400 and 500 square feet. An apartment complex and duplex currently on the spot will both be demolished. The lack of parking provided raised concerns with neighbors when the project was first proposed. Those concerns may have been heard but the parking situation remains the same for the project. Guess they're counting on a very bike-friendly tenancy.

· 750 11th Ave E [DPD]
· Four stories at 11th/Aloha [CHS]