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All The World's a Stage, Like the One in This Ballard House

All the world's a stage, but it can so much more fun to have one in your house. Practice what's it like to squeeze your band onto a platform, or pretend you're a stand-up comedian, or add a lectern and host poetry slams at home. Someone remodeled a 1906 Craftsman, the house not the person, added the stage, rooftop deck, atrium, garden window box and a modern bathroom. The electrical and plumbing are upgraded, as well as the roof and gutters; but you can still play with remodeling the basement that hasn't been finished despite over a century of waiting. They're asking $599,000 for 2-4 bedrooms and 3 baths. The doubt about the bedrooms may have more to do with how you define the atrium: very bright bedroom, office, studio, overnight rental, or some other creative choice. Finally, a Seattle house that is ready for performance actors and painters, musicians and sculptors.

· 1127 NW 65th [SDH]
Written by Tom Trimbath