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Are Warren Buffett's Neighbors Trying to Force Him to Buy Their House?

Warren Buffett's across-the-street-neighbors in Omaha, Nebraska are not above using their celebrity-adjacent location to help sell their home. Actually, "not above" is quite the understatement—the neighbors, Phil and Anne Huston, have created a website called (complete with photos labeled "THIS IS WARREN'S HOUSE") and their asking price is 10 shares of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffett's company. The message seems clear. Either Buffett can buy the house, for more than it's probably worth, or the Hustons will sell to one of his fanatical shareholders who will spend all day pretending to mow the front lawn in hopes of being able to engage the Oracle of Omaha in conversation. It's the rare case of real life turning out to be even worse than an Onion article.

Inside the neighbors' house >>