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Last Week's Biggest Sales: Two $5M Seattle Homes Sold

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Listed for: $4.65M
Received: $5.22M
Size: 4-BR, 3.75-bath, 4,400 sf
Location: 4108 55th Ave NE, Windermere
The Skinny: This three-level Colonial Revival is situated on a 13,870 sq-ft lot with a 50-foot waterfront and dock, all of which overlooks Lake Washington. Sold by Amazon Studios head Roy Price, who recently moved to Malibu, he leaves behind a gorgeous home with tall ceilings, great millwork, paneled library, media room, wine cellar and hot tub, just to name a few amenities. Price bought the place for $2.4M in 2010, so, he did pretty well, we'd say.

Listed for: $5.195M
Received: $5.195M
Size: 4-BE, 2.25-bath, 3,840 sf
Location: 438 39th Ave E, Denny Blaine
The Skinny: Well that didn't take long. This Cape Cod-style home right on the water hit the market on March 17 and went pending three days later. A month after that, the sale went through at ask and here we are. Not a lot of photos of the interior but based on the view and the exterior, they're probably pretty sweet.

Listed for: $2.2M
Received: $2.05M
Size: 2-BR, 1.75-bath, 1,723 sf
Location: 1521 2nd Ave #1604, Downtown
The Skinny: The price came down on this luxury condo two months after listing that seemed to be the magic number. It went pending a couple months later at roughly the same amount. That glass room carved out of the living and dining room is what caught our attention when we profiled the place back in December.