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And Now, a $2.6M Luxury Cube Floating on Lake Union

French doors? Ha! If you're going with an industrial style, then hang garage doors instead. Doing that on a houseboat makes even more of a statement, especially to the folks that had to deliver and install them. You want these where? A 2009 houseboat in Fairview Landing is up for sale. They're asking $2,595,000 for a cubic 2,019 square feet with 2 bedrooms and 2.25 baths. The stats aren't as important as the location - a unit on Lake Union with views and access that dive into float house living. Cubes maximize volume and, while the house isn't an exact cube, it certainly gets close. You can squeeze a lot onto a few floats. Being on the lake means being outside, or at least letting the outside in. That's what the garage doors are for, to let in the air when the weather cooperates, or to really quickly clear the air if you've made too much smoke in the kitchen. The roof is flat and set for a deck, because getting above the rest of the houses is the best way to catch the views from the skyline over to Gas Works. A primo spot for fireworks. While they didn't mention it in the listing, that looks like either a bit of living roof, or a miniature putting green, or both. That isn't industrial, but it is a unique touch. The geese may thank you for the tiny pasture.

· 2369 Fairview Ave E Unit 3 [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath