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Rich Mohler Modern in Roslyn Offers Some Northern Exposure

Do you know Rosyln? The place, not the person (or the Shakespeare character.) Maybe you've heard of the show, Northern Exposure, which was about life in small town Alaska, but which was filmed a few miles beyond King County's eastern border. A Rich Mohler house is for sale, modern, with views to the west and the east. For $1,599,000 you get 3 bedrooms, 2.25 baths, with 3,412 square feet inside all on 3 acres of land far enough out to be considered past rural and into country, just this side of wilderness. That may sound far away, but it's only about an hour's drive to Issaquah, which isn't bad considering Seattle traffic. Considering Roslyn's traditional coal mining and lumber history, this house looks more like an office than a house; but for anyone familiar with modern architecture they'll recognize the simplicity of the design, the tendency for polished concrete floors and steel supports, and windows. Windows are necessity. If you've going to build in the mountains, you better to be able to see them. Floor-to-ceiling is the norm for one long stretch of the house.

· Northern Exposure [wikipedia]
· 231 Indigo Lane, Roslyn [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath