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Redmond's 68-Acre Storybook Farm Available For $6.9M

You want to throw a party. You know you do. But, how many people can you reasonably fit in your typical city condo or suburban estate? Whatever it is, it probably can't hold as many as a 7,280 square foot house on 65 acres. You can have it, if you've got the $6,950,000 and they accept your offer. The property comes with 6 bedrooms and 4.5 baths, but they are only a small piece of an estate built for celebrating, or retreating. There are enough rooms and buildings and interesting bits of landscaping to entertain a hundred, or enough for one household to quietly step away from the world for a long while. From farm to profitable retreat, Storybook Farm has its own story; but the 2002 renovation may be its defining event. Whatever it was before, it is now a profitable event center; so, you know it has successfully catered to the high standards of people who can afford to rent entire farms for their retreats, weddings, and vacations. Maybe you were one of them, and wanted it all for yourself. Here you go! It's rare that such an active business can also be a home and up for sale. If the finances don't work as a house, maybe you can buy it for the business.

The farm certainly has the amenities. You know the library is the right size when it takes a library ladder to reach the top shelf. You know the wine storage is the right size when it is a wine room, not a closet in the cellar. The sunroom half-gazebo is big enough for a grand piano. The dining room has probably seated dozens, and if you need something bigger, you know the grounds accommodate tents because they have. If one house isn't enough, don't worry because there's a second one, too.

You can even try filling your wine room with your own vintage because there's a vineyard on the property. As well as an orchard, gardens, and even a trout pond. Fresh herbs, fish, fruit, veggies, and wine - bring in some bread and cheese and you've got a fine meal, mostly from your property. Pen up some goats and you can make the cheese, as well. Those ingredients may not make sense going into the wood-fired pizza oven, but maybe that's just the backup.

The little chapel has been the site for weddings. The big red barn may have a much more historic set of stories. The remnants of a homestead have become something much more. It will be interesting to see what it becomes next: a return to farming, a recluse's estate, a really big vacation property, a continuation as an event center, or something completely different. There's enough there for resourceful and creative people to enact their imaginations. Or, just throw really big parties, often.
· Storybook Farm [SF]
· 521 Redmond Fall City Rd SE [Estately]
Written by Tom Trimbath