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Mixed-Use Brewery? New Spring District Project is Brewing

Seattle has a bunch of breweries. Pull up a map like, and lose Seattle under all the markers. Redmond's plastered too, graphically. Bellevue could use a few, and someone is endeavoring to do something about it. As part of the $2.3B Spring District development that intends to create more walkable neighborhoods on the north side of Bellevue, Wright Runstad is building a kind-of "mixed-use brewery," because it's a fine way to start a project. The beer side will occupy 4,054 square feet, and sit beside a 4,843 square foot restaurant. The complex will also include office space for startups and small companies. The buildings are being designed to LEED standards. Even their siting is encouraging greener consumption. Sitting on their own, they may be a draw for a drive in too-dry Bellevue, but this is being designed for walking as much as driving. That just sounds safer, too.

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