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'Park My Viaduct' Group Wants to Bring Plan to Voters

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When plans to demolish the Alaskan Way Viaduct to make room for Seattle's impending tunnel were announced, a group called Park My Viaduct was formed with the idea to instead preserve fourteen blocks of the elevated roadway, from about Pike Place Market to Pioneer Square, and turn it into a public park/walking space. The group, which is backed by developer Martin Selig and design consultant Kate Martin, amongst others, recently completed a feasibility study and found that their initial plans would in fact be too risky and expensive. In response to the findings, the group now wants to consider the creation of a mile-long elevated park that would run from Pike Place Market to CenturyLink Field and includes just one block of the viaduct. Their alternative plan is budgeted at $165M instead of the $262M required for the alternative that would maintain a large section of the roadway. Next step? The group is trying to put the idea on the ballot and let Seattle voters decide.
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