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Buy This 4-BR Vashon A-Frame For $925K

You could live in a square house on a square lot with a square lawn; or, you could live in a house that is a series of interconnecting A-frames, with a landscaped hillside, a pasture, an orchard, and an organic garden. It will cost you $925,000 and you'll also get four bedrooms and 2.5 baths partitioned within the 4,890 square foot floor plan. When working with a A-frame you also get to figure out how to hang pictures and mirrors (check out the bathroom's solution), what to do with the angled junction between the wall and the floor that exists behind appliances (excellent cable runs!), and how to adjust your eyeballs when they try to straighten out corners that will never be square. Of course, the outside is basically windows and roof, so there isn't as much painting to do, and the views flood in. The property covers 7.5 acres and could be productive enough to feed a small community, or a really large party. There are even the necessary outbuildings like a barn to help make it all work. Oh yes, and you get to live on Vashon; so, there's that perk, too.

· 16527 93rd Ave SW, Vashon [Windermere]
Written by Tom Trimbath