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Big Reveal: $2.9M For This 1915 Queen Anne Manor

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Yesterday, we asked you to guess the asking price for this 6-BR, 6-bath Queen Anne Craftsman from 1915 You guys are definitely trying to work the market because most of the guesses veered close to the $4M/$5M range. We understand the impulse but the truth is, it's actually asking $2.99M. Kudos to angeline for the close $2.75M guess. Given the sheer size of the home and the property (13,020 sf), you might want to consider turning this into a B&B if you don't actually have enough people to live in it yourself. Make sure heed commenter walker-d, who warns, "Only God and a building inspector might know how much spool and wire electrical might be lurking under all that glorious wood paneling." So now that you know, do you think that asking price makes sense?

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