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Oceanfront Tranquility in a Lummi Island Tiny For $395K

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Welcome to Tiny Homes, an idea that is more popular with minimalists than with neighborhood associations and zoning boards. We'll point out the fun parts. You'll have to check out the logistics and legalities - but probably not in this case.

How about a ten minute commute from a waterfront house for under a half a million dollars? You can do that if - you work in Bellingham, live on Lummi Island, catch the right ferry, and buy a tiny house. There's a 458 square foot house available for $395,000. You only get 1 bedroom and 0.75 of a bath; but it is waterfront, on 0.75 acres, and has enough architectural style that someone should write an article about it. The house is set partway down a bluff, which explains the stairs and bridge that start at about roof level and lead down to the main house. Despite its small size, or maybe because of it, there's a main house, and a shower house. The floor plan is open, because why waste space by building more walls? So, the kitchen is part of a great room; and the great room has a great view. The interior is simple, relatively new (2000), and a balance between walls of windows, wood trim, and skylights. The floor is tile, which makes a lot of sense for anyone living beside, and playing on, the beach; especially, if you're lucky enough to not have to catch that commute.
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Written by Tom Trimbath

Waterfront Park

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