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Boring Bellevue Bathroom Transforms Into Fir Trellis Ensuite

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Project Name: Fir Trellis Ensuite
Location: Bellevue
Timeframe: Seven months
Cost: $210,000
Professional: Tenhulzen Residential
Description: After living here for 15 years, the homeowner decided they wanted to make a change in the master ensuite. Open and airy with fir trellis defining bathing and vanity areas, this master suite was expanded into the adjacent guest bath. The entire floor area of the new master bath needed to be raised one step for 2 reasons. First: to support the weight of a filled tub, and second: for draining it. Clear fir cabinets, doors, trellis and millwork were all pre-finished off site after having been dry fit and disassembled. General lighting is dimmable monorail hung off the centerline beam and powered through the structural column centered on the mirror. Electrically heated floors are continuous throughout the entire space, including shower pan.

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