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Shuttering Albertsons Suddenly Mercer Island's Hottest Spot

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When you talk about hot properties on Mercer Island, visions of six-bedroom estates and massive wine cellars come to mind. There's a reason Mercer Island mansions has it's own tag on the site. But there's another kind of property that's in high demand right now for the island's 23,000 residents: supermarkets. When Albertsons and Safeway merged, they decided to close the Albertsons on the north-end of the island, and that's set off a mad scramble by grocery chains to fill the highly-coveted void. Whole Foods has inquired about moving to the island. Residents have been surveyed about PCC coming to town. Oregon-based New Seasons has reportedly inquired. Trader Joe's name has come up as well. Tonight, the Mercer Island City Council will hold a meeting to discuss the potential new tenant. According to a tipster, Metropolitan Market CEO (and Mercer Island resident) Terry Halverson will be in attendance. The local grocer has six markets in the area, another coming soon to Sammamish and has received input from local residents that they'd like to see them open one here as well. A spot for them or any other company in a community that boasts a median household income of $127,360 would be a boon. Let the Hunger Games begin.
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