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Post-Game of Thrones Finale, Check Out the Show's Real-World Filming Locations

As the Game of Thrones universe continues to expand episode after episode, and character arcs crash together—as they did in last night's climactic (and controversial!) fifth-season finale—it becomes clear where much of the show's blockbuster budget is going: travel. While the animated map in the show's opening credits is impressive, the real journey is the one that's been undertaken by the cast and crew, who have traveled across Europe, from Iceland to Morocco, to shoot across a vast range of terrains and places with names just as fantastical as those imagined by George R.R. Martin. With a hat tip to Lawrence of Morocco, who compiled a list of filming sites, we present the real-world equivalent to the maps of Westeros and Essos: from the Water Gardens (a Moorish castle in Seville) to Jon Snow and Ygritte's Love Cave (a thermal spring in Iceland), here's a chance to explore the show's varied landscapes.

The full map (without stop motion animation), this way >>