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$1.25M Sanctuary Townhouse Will Turn You Into a Believer

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Some places command attention, respect, and in some cases, supplication. The Sanctuary is such an impressive place that we've written about it several times (as has the Wall Street Journal.) In 1906, the massive block of a building was the First Church of Christ, Scientist; it even still says so over the front door. Now behind that door is a set of townhouse condos that maintain the solidity and grandeur, or ostentation, of the original edifice. Thirty-five foot tall ceilings, massive blocks of stone, stained glass, and a regalness that can not be ignored. The price to buy there is $1,250,000 for a 2 bedroom, 2.75 bath townhouse with 2,610 square feet. The price to live there is $1,047/month - plus redirecting strangers who think it is a church (which is understandable considering the stone carving over the front door. The stained glass in the center is worth a long laid-back stare. But, there's stained glass in the rooms as well. In the bedroom, they pivot. In the dining room, they slide on rails. Coves, alcoves, recesses, moulding, exposed beams break up the space so it is more lively than foreboding. The staircases are stacked and open with modern simplicity that leaves an openness from floor to floor, and an opportunity to see if anyone is going up or down at any time. The kitchen is more stone and steel than wood, which makes it easier to clean, if you can bring yourself to let even a single grease spot to escape a pan. The bathrooms are modern, without being too modern; but they do demonstrate a simple math problem. There are 2.75 baths described in the listing, but four bathrooms in the photos. Maybe for these prices you get your pick?

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Written by Tom Trimbath

The Residences at The Sanctuary

1841 16th Avenue, Seattle, WA