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As One Milton Stricker Home Finally Sells, Another Price-Chops

What do you people have against Milton Stricker? The guy's a Frank Lloyd Wright disciple! His work forms the basis for Organic Architecture! Clearly, Washington homebuyers are not impressed. His Duvall 3-BR sat on the market for years, dropping from $890K in 2013 all the way down to $695K before finally selling at that price two weeks back. That leaves two other Stricker homes on the market. His 2006 Vashon 3-BR has been on the market for almost four months now. And then there's the Seward Park 5-BR, which hit the market in May asking $975K. In this market, you might think an archutecturally-significant Seward Park home would have no problem at that price, but, there's just something about Stricker homes that apparently make them hard to sell. They've just chopped the price all the way down to $799K. That's almost a 20% drop in a little over a month. Guess that glass atrium centerpiece isn't as much of a showstopper as we thought it might be.

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