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Paul Kirk Midcentury Off Auction Block, Back on Open Market

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In January, we heard about a Paul H. Kirk midcentury in Bellevue that was going on the auction block following a foreclosure. Before that, the home had been on the market asking anywhere from $599K to $719K. It ended up selling for $428K in April. Now it's been gussied up and it's back on the open market asking $550K. They've done a nice job on the staging, playing up the midcentury elements of the 1,840 sf. 2-BR. The open-air atrium with water feature in the middle of the home makes for quite a relaxing centerpiece. The interiors, especially the kitchen, look like they're right back in 1955 in the very best way. Only question now is whether or not buyers are interested in the home at that price point.

· 4749 119th Ave SE, Bellevue
· Paul H. Kirk Mid-Century Modern in Bellevue Seeks Bidders [CS]