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William Ross Rust's Other Historic Tacoma House Asks $1.7M

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William Ross Rust's legacy in Tacoma is usually tied to the mansion that bears his name. But following the death of his eldest son, he and his wife Helen had the 11,522 sf 4-BR at 521 N Yakima Avenue built in 1913 and moved in. As the owner of the Tacoma Smelter and Refining Company, Rust spared no expense and it still shows over 100 years later. Take a walk down the pathway and through the front doors to find gorgeous brickwork, ornate ceilings, stunning stained glass windows & sunroof and an intricately-designed staircase. There's also room for what appears to be a dance hall, movie theater and outdoor pool. A classic brick three-car garage is included as well with everything on the 19,500 sf lot tucked behind gates. The $1.7M price tag is probably a bit more than what Rust paid to build it all those years ago but consider it an investment in keeping a Tacoma classic in top condition.

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