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Be Floored by All This Fantastic Flooring in Bellevue

Someone must love, and appreciate, good flooring. This $1,150,000 house in Somerset had a lot of thought given to it all the regular features, and it shows. But, it is the floors that make it uncommon. Every floor in this 4 bedroom, 4 bath house is a different example of inlay and materials. Some is basic, rich wood. Others are polished and marble. In one dining area, the pattern is a series of meshing blocks, like rectangular gears. Another dining space, and there is more than one, uses a checkerboard pattern. The kitchen and entry have borders in contrasting colors, almost as if they were suggestions of where not to step; like a factory floor, but without resorting to black and yellow slashes. It would be a disappointment if the bathroom didn't get the same treatment, and it does, including the bath step. The master bedroom has isometric blocks that suggest Escher, and also a reason for moderation in inebriation before bedtime. Even the rooms that have carpet stop before the wall so an alley of artistry can wrap the room. If they'd paid this much attention to the ceiling, the effect would've been overwhelming.

· 13204 SE 49th St, Bellevue [Zillow]
Written by Tom Trimbath