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Here's a 3-BR Portage Bay Floating Home Asking $1.3M

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A recent change to the Seattle shoreline plan prevents any new floating residences from moving in. That includes Lake Union so if you want to live in one, you're going to have to choose from what's already there. That includes this 1,500 square-foot floating home in Portage Bay that just listed for $1.3M. You could probably see this place on solid ground and it wouldn't look much different. But put it on the water and all of a sudden that living room view looks a whole lot cooler. Comfortable living found inside, especially when you take the twirling staircase up to the bedrooms, each featuring their own private deck view. Plenty of room out back for your kayak or canoe, too. Oh, you're gonna need a kayak and/or canoe for sure...

· 1214 Hamlin St Unit 9 [Windermere]